2018 Audi Q3 Specs, Features, Price, and Release Date

Audi Q5 Interior 0 Jpg Ixlib Rb 1 Fit Crop W 1600 H Q 60 Cs Tinysrgb Auto Format 2018 Q3
Audi Q5 Interior 0 Jpg Ixlib Rb 1 Fit Crop W 1600 H Q 60 Cs Tinysrgb Auto Format 2018 Q3

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Audi Q3 is the perfect definition of what to do crossover because it produces the best of what the sedan and SUV offer. Q3 is secretly one of the most sought-after crossovers on the international market, and here in the US has become the top selling item. Audi Q3 2018 is in the middle of the stage and in a matter of time we will see the reality of a luxury crossover with our two eyes alone.

The 2018 Q3 concept is rather simple, but by no means design and high quality appeal will be simple at all. The new curves seen on the interior and exterior will appeal to both current and prospective owners, and will be praised by everything in it. This subcompact will once again prove its worth when comparing it with other 2018 luxury moves.

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The following preview details are good, bad, and ugly from the upcoming 2018 Q8 specification, features, price and release date.

Specifications and Features Audi Q3 2018

The new series of specifications and features of the 2018 Audi Q3 suggest we will see smooth crossovers that exceed the average consumer expectations. Offering an aggressive Audi trim styling package that will look at the interior and exterior, and for those looking for more of the same there will be a pleasant surprise. New rumors come in on a redesigned front-end that will offer a sleeker and more aerodynamic look.

Some of the biggest upgrades when compared to Q3 2017 will include better fuel savings, more leg room for the people in the backseat, more cargo space behind the backseat, and much better acceleration. The specs of what’s under the hood will give you more wake-ups and goings that are something lacking in the current model. The best of the current models will be back including a comfortable front seat, a warm and powerless front seat, LED lighting, and more.

Some of the most prominent features will include premium LED lighting on the interior and exterior, light body, touch screen navigation, Audi Connect, Android Auto, satellite radio, streaming media, premium surround sound packages, multimedia infotainment, and much more. Safety features will be on the broad end of the spectrum, which is proof of the Audi concept that will include front acceleration sensors, side impact safety, rear parking assistance with backup cameras, path replacement technology, and more.

We heard the Audi Q3 2018 engine specification will be 2.0 liter with more than 205 hp and arrival standard with 6 speed automatic transmission. Estimated gas mileage is likely to be around 22MPG / city and up to 30MPG / highway.

2018 Audi Q3 Price and Release Date

The preliminary word at the 2013 Q3 launch price indicates that it will be comparable to the 2017 model. Below, we have all the details about the preliminary launch price of the new Q3.

2018 Audi Q3 PriceStarting at $34,200

Unfortunately, there is nothing official on the upcoming Audi Q3 2018 release date, but with a bit of luck, the inauguration should come in the summer of 2017. Consumers should be ready for sales that should start around the end of calendar year 2017 in Europe with sales. starting in the first quarter of 2018 in other markets including the United States.

With more and more to come, we will continue to update these 2018 Audi Q3 reviews with the latest rumors and confirmations regarding specifications, features, pricing and release dates as soon as possible.