2018 Audi S6 Review

2018 Audi S6 Redesign and Price
2018 Audi S6 Redesign and Price

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Audi S6 2018 is a car that indulges and also performs. On the inside, this medium-sized luxury sports sedan offers a well-trimmed cabin equipped with a front seat that can keep you comfortable for hours. Or press gas and S6 450-horsepower turbocharged V8 will rock this Audi to 60 mph in just 4 seconds flat.

If entertainment and advanced technology you are looking for, S6 has got you covered as well. The integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphones enables you to maximize the large and clear S6 multimedia interface, and an optional set of features is available to gather further luxury intelligence results. Though the S6 handling capability is a bit underwhelming, the overall luxury sport sedan package is very appealing.

Overview: The Audi S6 is a hotter and stronger version of the A6 sedan every day.It has existed in its current incarnation since the 2012 model, which only got one last year’s update that carries a lump of horsepower and light cosmetic tweakes.Each S6 comes standard with Quattro, Audi’s all-wheel-drive system, and the only twin-turbocharged V6-twin A6.(A6 is usually done with inline-four turbocharged or V-6 supercharged).The only visual objects include special trim wheels, aluminum mirrored lids, quad exhaust outlets, and a small S6 badge in the grille.

What’s New: Last year Audi tweaked the A6 / S6 headlamps, giving them a more curved shape.The change is significant when compared to the additional 30 horsepower taken from the Audi Audi engine.The horsepower increase brings S6 results to 450 pounds;Peak torque rate of 406 lb-ft remains the same.One year later, with the new A6 / S6 sedan looming on the horizon for 2018, Audi is not surprisingly not messing up S6 altogether.

What We Like: S6 is a rogue fast car that carries little if any compromise to the daily endurance normally required by that speed.You can drive this Audi carefully with no wiser passengers with the ability to break the sub-4.0 second to 60 mph.Suspension feels comfortable, even in a sporty drive mode, and the cabin is quiet.The interior, probably old, but only a slightly dated infotainment MMI system gave it.Minimalist style dashboard and high quality material if you do not trust the age of S6.Similarly, familiar, S6 exterior styling is understated and handsome, appealing to those who want a fast sedan that attracts little attention.And all-wheel-drive traction is an advantage on wet surfaces and in a state that sees winter weather.

What We Do not Like: If you do not like older love interests, you may not appreciate the dated S6 infotainment view and general market endurance.The underlying A6 has been around since 2012, and lack of upgrades since making it feel a bit stale against new competitors such as the new Mercedes-AMG E43 and BMW M550i.If excitement is what you are looking for, keep looking, because for all its objective dynamic abilities, S6 runs its business calmly and without drama.Just about the most exciting thing done on the go to put up extraordinary numbers is the mild doubts as it pulls away from the stops, which results in the sensation coming from behind during hard acceleration.(Sport transmission mode eases this trait somewhat, but there’s still a bit of a delay.) Make no mistake, however – the S6 put up a remarkable number.The last model we tested, a 2016 with the latest upgrade, hung for 0.92 g around our skidpad and ripped from zero to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds.However, making use of that performance is quite easy;Thanks to its all-wheel-drive grip, the S6 only takes a little effort to get on quickly.